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August 2008

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Public sector suffers from 'sicknote' culture


The public sector is suffering from a sicknote culture a new absenteeism report has concluded.The Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development's (CIPD) annual absence management study revealed ...

Unemployment rises by 60,000


Unemployment figures have increased by 60,000 according to data released by the government's Office for National Statistics (ONS).Its figures revealed that more people are relying on incapacity ...

Support helps employees back to work


Most workers with health problems can return to employment if the right support is provided, new research has claimed.According to researchers from the University of York, more than 90 per cent of ...

Virtual offices reduce some but not all risk


Virtual offices can reduce some of the risks faced by companies but bring their own dangers, the Institute of Risk Management has said.They can limit the effect of disaster as their location is ...