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February 2008

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Web brings 'more rounded life'


The internet has allowed more people to work from home and helped them to have a "more rounded life", claimed an expert from BT Business.Mick Hegarty cited the results of a recent BT ...

Employers struggle with 'total reward'


Many employers have struggled to understand the concept of 'total reward', an industry expert has claimed.Writing on the Employee Benefits blog, Debi O'Donovan, editorial director of the publication, ...

Firms need to plan for IT waste


Companies should make more effort to safely dispose of old IT equipment, an analyst has warned.Gartner has revealed that the producer take-back programmes which were introduced by the European Union ...

Jobs figures look "surprising"


New data from the Office for National Statistics has surprised commentators after showing most jobs go to over-50s.Its latest study of UK employment trends found over-50s have accounted for the ...

Valentines say 'I love work'


Most employees would put their jobs before their partners, even on Valentine's Day new research has found.According to a recent survey, 71 per cent would stay on at work to deal with an urgent ...

Brits prefer early retirement


UK employees are more likely to retire out of choice than international workers, new research has found.A study conducted by insurer AXA revealed that 48 per cent of Brits stopped work short of the ...

Call centres lose customers


Companies using call centres and automated responses are losing customers, according to a new study.A report commissioned by BT has found that a perceived lack of internal communication and an ...

Workers give more


Workers have donated more than half a million pounds using the Workplace Giving website, it has been announced.The site has incorporated a 'donate now' function which has encouraged UK employees to ...

Business likes its paper


Companies could lose customers if they scrapped monthly paper statements, new research has revealed.A study by Henley HeadlightVision for Royal Mail has found that 35 per cent of people would switch ...