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May 2008

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Extra space costs govt millions


Government workers have excessive amounts of office space costing millions every year, MPs have heard.A commons public accounts committee heard the public sector was between 14 and 50 per cent less ...

Workers get NICE and fit


Workers have been encouraged by new guidance from the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) to take more physical exercise.It found people of working age are often not active enough to ...

Tories plan non-English speaking penalties


The Conservative party has announced it would reduce employment benefit for non-English speakers who refused to take lessons.Its scheme is designed to improve employability and could come into force ...

Managers need to learn to manage


Managers across the country have been told they need to learn to manage, using a government incentive.They have been urged to take control over their businesses by getting involved in more training ...

Stats show more part-timers


New data from the Office for National Statistics show more people in part-time work.Its quarterly labour market statistics showed an increase of 33,000 part–time workers, although it revealed ...

Good weather causing illness


The recent good weather has caused more people to feel sick and take the day off, a new survey has found.Research has revealed that 80 per cent of businesses believed employees' recent illnesses were ...

Students seek 'specific' types of temporary jobs


Students look for specific types of jobs during their summer holidays, a national student employment group revealed.The director of the National Association of Student Employment Services, Alison ...

Temp jobs on the rise


Vacancies for temporary work have risen the fastest since November, new analysis has showed.Research from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and professional services firm, KPMG, ...

Workers worry about flexi-time


Many employees worry if they apply for flexible working it will damage their future employment prospects, Personnel Today has reported.It revealed charity, Working Families, and the Cranfield School ...

Office workers face virus threat


Office workers are facing a new virus threat, consumer group Which? has warned.Surprisingly, the virus affects workers and not computers - a microbiologist working for the company found computer ...

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