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Rude work emails a part of life, expert suggests


Rude work emails a part of life, expert suggests

Workers should get used to the idea of rude emails, an expert has said.

Many people are finding that colleagues will say things electronically that they would never say face to face but it is something people will have to "learn to put up with", Web-User magazine has said.

News editor Ben Camm-Jones, said: "People are more likely to say things they could regret in emails or texts is because they lack courage - they would probably never dare say these things directly to someone else.

"This is a phenomenon we're going to just have to learn to put up with in the same way as we have to put up with people talking into mobile phones at the top of their voice in public areas."

Research from internet protocol communications provider Mitel found that many employees are now using a wide variety of communication methods.

Telephone calls, emails and face to face meetings were the most popular, although instant and text messaging were beginning to make an appearance, with around a third using them to communicate while at work.

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