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Interview skills important for jobseekers


Interview skills important for jobseekers

People on the hunt for jobs must make sure that their interview skills and CVs are up to scratch, an expert has said.

Joe McDermott, the CEO of interview skills training service, said that perfecting skills for a face-to-face meeting is very important.

"What we say to anyone looking for a job is that they have to perfect their interview skills, their CV and prepare thoroughly for all those parts of the job search process," he said.

He added that "not just graduates" but all those seeking jobs at the moment would likely face problems in getting employment, so standing out with excellent skills is imperative.

According to the results of a poll by the website, over a third of people have a sleepless night before an interview worrying about lies that they have put on a CV.

They also found that 56 per cent of people are scared about clamming up during an interview, with seven per cent worrying about not answering a question correctly.

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