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Newly jobless out of work for longer


Workers who have recently lost their jobs should expect to be out of work for longer, says a government MP.

Employment minister Tony McNulty told Personnel Today the employment services will find it a challenge to maintain its quick turnaround of people back to work.

"Despite 30,000 more going on to the claimant count last month, the figures are still encouraging, but as the economy slows down that will change, and it's vital that we keep those figures uppermost in our minds," he said.

Mr McNulty also announced plans to cut Jobcentre jobs have been axed, saving more than 2,000 public sector employees from unemployment.

The government had planned to close 25 Jobcentres to help the Department for Work and Pensions save money.

The minister also suggested further losses were expected in the banking sector.

"Have we had the full shakeout from the financial sector? I don't think so," he commented.


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