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Private sector staff received best pay increases


Workers in the private sector received better pay rises than those in the public sector, a pay deal survey has revealed.

During 2007-08, energy, mining and nuclear workers benefited from the highest increases, while public administrators, teachers and health workers received the least.

The Labour Research Department conducted the survey - it said pay caps had kept wage rises down.

However, organiser of the research, Lewis Emery, noted inflation had "clearly pushed up settlements" in the private sector.

The average pay rise for a private sector worker was 4.29 per cent but for a public sector employee, only 2.99 per cent.

The survey also revealed that people negotiating deals were looking for a mix of pay and non-pay benefits.

By bidding for improved leave and work flexibility, and additional allowances and bonuses, they were hoping to add value to their pay package.

New employees should familiarise themselves with their contracts, as some jobs are rewarded by performance related pay.


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