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Back and joint pain 'ignored'


Employers have failed to understand the seriousness of back and joint pain in the workplace, according to one expert.

Osteopath Kelston Chorley from the British Osteopathic Association said he was astonished at their lack of awareness.

"Joint pain and back pain are one of the biggest causes of people being off work," he commented.

Mr Chorley said he was "surprised that more employers don't understand the significance the impact of it has on their [employees'] work".

He recommended firms better involve their occupational health service, and "highlight the issue to their workforce and take a grip of it, because it's a massive, massive problem".

According to earlier Department of Health research, one of the most common causes of back pain is poor posture, due to working patterns.

It is also caused by lifting, stress and joint pain and its sufferers make up the second largest group receiving incapacity benefits.


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