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Public sector suffers from 'sicknote' culture


The public sector is suffering from a sicknote culture a new absenteeism report has concluded.

The Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development's (CIPD) annual absence management study revealed public servants (9.8 days) took 35 per cent more time off sick than their private sector counterparts.

"Poor management must be to blame for the worrying levels of absenteeism," concluded shadow minister for the Home Office, Francis Maude.

"More needs to be done to address these problems – not only to ensure that taxpayers' money is properly spent, but also to promote the well-being and job satisfaction of public workers," she said.

The CIPD research revealed NHS workers were most sickly (11.7 days off per year) and the annual cost to the economy per worker has jumped from £732 to £906.

The Institute concluded: "Public sector organisations are less likely to rely on disciplinary procedures to manage absence, they are less likely to restrict sick pay, and their occupational sick pay schemes tend to pay out for longer."


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