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Virtual offices reduce some but not all risk


Virtual offices can reduce some of the risks faced by companies but bring their own dangers, the Institute of Risk Management has said.

They can limit the effect of disaster as their location is spread out "but many types of disaster can affect the parts of a virtual office as well," commented Ian Fraser, marketing manager.

He said keeping a firm's address secret can help if there are security issues to consider.

"Otherwise it is a question of will your customers trust you if they find a business does not have any tangible bricks and mortar?"

Mr Fraser noted the use of electronic communications and mobile technology is allowing new remote working practices, and "virtual offices are increasingly seen as an acceptable (even normal) way of doing business".

Research by Deloitte found the UK has one of the highest adoption rates of fixed broadband (61 per cent) and mobile internet (22 per cent) is "starting to shine".


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