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Govt marks 'VQ' day with training offer


The government has marked its first ever Vocational Qualification day (VQ) by announcing a universal training offer.

It revealed that all 18-year-olds will be eligible for government support for continued education or training.

Skills secretary John Denham said: "It's a promise of support to all young people whether they choose to study at university, undertake an apprenticeship or do a vocational course."

"It is an important step towards ensuring those who don't choose to go to university get a similar level of support as those who do."

Under the offer, young people choosing to join an apprenticeship scheme will receive a training credit to pay for their training.

By 2010 the government hopes to invest an annual £1 billion in apprenticeship training. It wants to encourage one in five young people to join one of its schemes, after completing their compulsory education.

Employers sometimes favour apprenticeships as they are thought to offer more practical 'on-the-job' training.


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