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BT asks to run new IT skills academy


Telecoms giant, BT has joined with e-skills UK and asked if it can run a new IT skills academy.

The nomination could result in a further employer-led centre added to the UK's widening lists of National Academies.

"The Academy offers a unique opportunity for employers to take collective responsibility for the skills and accreditation of the IT workforce," claimed e-skills chief executive, Karen Price.

If launched, it would help employers ensure their new workers were well-trained, provide improved access for courses and enable the IT workforce to gain external recognition for its skills.

"The work being done by e-skills UK and BT will be instrumental in improving productivity and extending opportunity," commented David Lammy, minister for skills.

The current network of academies includes centres that specialise in Retail, Sport and Active Leisure, Creative and Cultural, and Hospitality.


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