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Firms facing more immigration fines


Firms are increasingly fined for employing illegal workers, Personnel Today has reported.

The publication has noted since the introduction of the Home Office's points-based immigration system, 352 business have been prosecuted.

As part of its new policy, it has begun a 'name and shame' initiative, which sees it publish the details of companies it says fell foul of the law.

Under the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality (IAN) Act, 2006, the responsibility lies with the employer to ensure their staff are legally allowed to work in UK.

Maximum penalties for offenders can include large fines and even jail sentences, although no firm has yet been punished this harshly.

In addition to strengthening employment law, iimmigration minister, Tony McNulty said the act would "help the government in dealing with people who pose a threat to the UK’s national security".


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