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Top women in management honoured


The top young women in management have been honoured in Management Today's '35 Women Under 35' list.

The announcement will be celebrated later this week at a reception, where attendees will be addressed by Debbie Moore, the first woman to float a company on the stock exchange.

Management Today noted all ladies on the list have demonstrated "a compelling passion for their work".

Tesco's category manager, Alex Holt, says: "I've always wanted to do something that I really enjoy and that I have a passion for, and as long as I'm doing that, I Love it."

Fellow nominee, fashion designer, Sara Berman demonstrates a similar drive. "One of the favourite places I like to be is at my desk," she says. "I love being at work and I love what I do."

The youngest businesswoman to qualify was Tanya Budd. At 20, she is the youngest ever on the list and earlier won Young Engineer for Britain and the US Coast Guard Award for Maritime Safety.

The government's Women and Equality Unit was recently established to identify the barriers to women's economic participation.


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