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Workers stay on 'because of friends'


Workers stay in their jobs because of friendships they establish at work, new research has revealed.

The City and Guilds Happiness Index has assessed the forces driving the UK's workforce and recommended employers re-think their retention practises.

"Companies can no longer rely on those established reward and recognition policies that fail to resonate with employees and do little to combat stress levels in the workplace," said managing director, Bob Coates.

The index found 43 per cent of managers offer bonuses but only one in five have adopted flexible working practices.

It revealed builders and bankers were the least happy with their lives and the happiest trade was beauty therapy.

"From now on a flexible approach is needed if businesses are to create a happy, and by association productive, workforce," advised Professor Cary Cooper, who assessed the study's data.

Recent labour market statistics showed the number of unemployed people, the unemployment rate and the claimant count have all fallen.


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