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Filing goes online


Most businesses now complete their annual filing returns online, HM Revenue and Customs has revealed.

Its director, Mike Shipp has said more than 80 per cent of employers now send their returns in via the web.

"We were determined to make the experience as customer friendly as possible," he said, "and these figures suggest we've gone a long way to achieving this".

Online returns were completed by ten per cent more firms than last year. Mr Shipp said smaller companies should send in their end-of-year returns in electronic form.

"I hope those small employers who file using the traditional media are encouraged to make the switch to online services."

Revenue and Customs revealed of the 1.6 million returns it received, close to 1.4 million were completed electronically.

Office workers and secretarial jobs can help reduce their paper footprint by adopting a number of similar schemes, such as producing electronic receipts and double-sided printing.


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