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Extra space costs govt millions


Government workers have excessive amounts of office space costing millions every year, MPs have heard.

A commons public accounts committee heard the public sector was between 14 and 50 per cent less efficient than the private sector and wasted up to £326 million every year.

"Many departments do not have basic information to enable them to assess building performance such as the number of people that use them and whether buildings are open plan or cellular," it was told.

The committee advised departments should improve their management information and better "understand how their buildings are performing and implement action to improve efficiency".

Currently, the Office of Government Commerce is trying to cut up to £1.5 billion per year by introducing more efficient management of government civil property.

Brendan Barber, general secretary off the Trades Union Congress, said employers would benefit from "improved productivity, reduced costs, and better staff recruitment, retention and motivation", should they allow flexible working.


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