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Managers need to learn to manage


Managers across the country have been told they need to learn to manage, using a government incentive.

They have been urged to take control over their businesses by getting involved in more training the Learning and Skills Council has said.

Its National Learning at Work Day is devised to encourage them to join the government's Train to Gain scheme and benefit from its recent budget increase.

The government is keen to teach more skills and David Lammy, skills minister, has said he has made "the provision of leadership and management training a priority".

Now exceeding £1 billion, the money can help managers "improve their staff leadership credentials, and to get their staff trained up to deliver real growth in 2008," noted Mr Lammy.

The National Employer Skills Survey 2007, spoke to over 79,000 employers and found almost 163,000 managers in England alone experience a skills gap.


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