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Good weather causing illness


The recent good weather has caused more people to feel sick and take the day off, a new survey has found.

Research has revealed that 80 per cent of businesses believed employees' recent illnesses were due to workers wanting to enjoy the good weather.

"If you're tempted to take time off work because of the hot weather, then you are not alone, but before doing so, think about how unfair it is towards your employer and fellow colleagues," said recruitment managing director, Peter Dune.

The study found that most employers showed little concern and were happy provided it did not become a habit.

Mr Done recommended bosses introduce incentives such as ice-cream, picnics and early finishes.

He added they should ensure offices were comfortable to work in and feature air conditioning and water machines, "which will help keep morale going and ensure staff are looked after".

According to the Department of Work and Pensions, the average level of recorded sickness absence was 10.3 days annually per staff year.


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