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Students seek 'specific' types of temporary jobs


Students look for specific types of jobs during their summer holidays, a national student employment group revealed.

The director of the National Association of Student Employment Services, Alison Clark, said they often have particular aims when job hunting.

During the summer, with less commitments "students have specific demands from their summer job - perhaps course related, within a particular country, or industry specific".

Students are increasingly having to find work to pay higher education costs.

Research by the Royal Bank of Scotland found it was not only during the summer that students worked.

It revealed 41 per cent of students worked part-time during term-time to earn extra cash and nearly a third worked more than 20 hours.

"A variety of surveys indicate that students are doing both and in fact some institutions feel that working no more than 15 hours per week during term time positively impacts a students academic performance," Ms Clark added.

Legal jobs sometimes offer work experience and internships, which can help give people a closer look at a career.


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