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Temp jobs on the rise


Vacancies for temporary work have risen the fastest since November, new analysis has showed.

Research from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and professional services firm, KPMG, showed for the second time in three months there were less permanent posts on offer.

Helen Reynolds, acting chief executive officer of the REC, explained it was not a suitable time to introduce new employment legislation.

"Equal treatment measures between temps and permanent workers would be almost impossible to work out in practice and would add a completely unnecessary layer of bureaucracy for employers and agencies," she commented.

Employers and recruiters are concerned amendments to agency working law would "limit job opportunities for thousands of workers at a time when it is crucial that we keep the labour market ticking in a challenging economy".

Economic difficulties have forced some firms to hire part-time and homeworkers and avoid the added commitment of administering workers in permanent positions.


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