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Workers worry about flexi-time


Many employees worry if they apply for flexible working it will damage their future employment prospects, Personnel Today has reported.

It revealed charity, Working Families, and the Cranfield School of Management found more than seven in ten respondents had made their own informal arrangements rather than follow official channels.

"There was generally a belief among respondents that adopting flexible working practices could harm their careers," said the report. "Visibility was identified as a particular issue."

HR director, Imelda Walsh, is due to announce recommendations to the government, which are thought to advise it to extend the right to flexible working.

Clare Kellhier, a lecturer from Cranfield, told Personnel Today: "Because we found a high degree of informality it suggests there is a bigger picture, which goes beyond the issue that is being dealt with [in Ms Walsh's review]."

Currently only employees with young children can legally apply for flexible working – Ms Walsh's review could recommend it be extended to workers with children aged 12,16 or 18.


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