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Workers hide behind instant messaging


UK workers use email and text to avoid difficult interpersonal situations, new research has revealed.

A report by the Post Office, entitled Telecoms, Etiquette in the Digital Age, has shown 73 per cent of people delegate difficult tasks by email and text and one in four younger people think it's acceptable to use them to call in sick.

"Digital technology is constantly giving us new ways to communicate, which enriches our day to day lives," noted Stewart Fox-Mills, head of telephony.

Although, he noted the technology was used by many to keep a "digital distance" and avoid "face-to-face or verbal confrontation".

The company's research also showed 12 per cent of workers used email or text to resign from jobs and three per cent of UK adults admitted they had used them to end relationships.

Ofcom has re-opened its consultation to decide the future of UK's broadband spectrum, after complaints from some mobile companies.


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