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Teenagers ignore web's job resources


Teenagers are ignoring the internet's online jobs, preferring to use it as a social tool, new research has shown.

A survey by online advertiser, Broadbent, has highlighted the scale of the problem – it revealed only 18 per cent of London teenagers would look online for work.

"We assume that because young people can use MySpace and spend so much time online that they have mastered the internet," said managing director, Dan McGuire.

"However, our results show that the next generation of jobseeker has had no training on how to enhance their careers or look for a job."

Broadbent questioned more than 300 students and found 42 per cent of 15-16-year-olds would take their CV directly to an employer, 22 per cent would go to a job centre and only five per cent said they would approach a recruitment agency.

The government recently accepted the recommendations of the Byron report, which said children's internet use should be better supervised.


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