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Londoners: Least happy at work


Londoners are the least happy in their jobs of workers from the UK, new research has suggested.

According to ratings firm, three-quarters think about finding a new job every day.

"Despite its pockets of wealthy areas and high-paying jobs, it looks as though London is a place where the majority of workers are actually unhappy with their current employment," noted Lisette Howlett, managing director.

It found workers in the south-west were most happy, as only 11 per cent said they were dissatisfied enough to look around.

Second in the league of sorrow, were workers from the south-east, followed by those from Northern Ireland, the north-east and the Midlands.

Ms Howlett explained there were usually a range of factors that affect workers, she noted they struggle with the "high cost of living, potential poor work life balance and current uncertainty about jobs due to the sudden financial downturn".

Overall, the UK employment market remains buoyant despite recent property market failings.


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