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Gender pay gap: Discrimination 'not to blame'


The gender pay gap is not caused by discrimination, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has claimed.

It suggested the pay difference is dependent on which jobs people worked in, rather than the treatment they received in each role.

Susan Anderson, director of HR policy, explained that new research from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed new findings.

She said: "This survey shows that the main reason men and women earn different amounts is down to the sector they work in, not widespread employer discrimination, as disingenuously claimed by unions."

The ONS figures revealed pay differences peaked at more than 20 per cent for women aged between 40 and 49-years-old.

The CBI found earnings for both sexes were similar at the start of full-time work and widened after ten years of employment.

"The gender pay gap varies depending on an individual’s circumstances," it said.

"For example, the number of dependent children, company size and type of occupation are major factors in the difference between men and women's earnings."


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