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Remote workers are 'biggest threat to security'


IT managers consider remote and branch workers as their biggest security risk, new research has claimed.

A survey by network optimisation firm, Blue Coat Systems, found 50 per cent of network managers and 48 per cent of security managers named them as most likely to introduce malware, technology site vnunet has reported.

"These findings show that IT managers need to rethink how they service their remote and branch office workers," said Nigel Hawthorn, vice president of marketing.

They were most commonly the group that claimed their applications performed badly, although he noted security and performance issues were not due to them using computers for their own needs.

Mr Hawthorn said it was companies deploying applications remotely or over the internet that were his greatest concern.

Collaborative working is changing business practice - firms are keen to encourage employees to work from home, as it saves them money.


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