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UK managers fail to motivate


UK managers need to motivate their staff better and are well behind European leaders in getting their employees to perform, Personnel Today has reported.

According to new research, nearly one quarter of UK-based respondents said they were unhappy and unproductive.

"At this time of economic uncertainty, businesses need reliable and consistent leadership to inspire employees to achieve high performance and help them stay competitive," noted Tom Barry, European managing director of Blessing White, the consultancy which conducted the research.

Its study revealed UK was second to China in having the most disengaged workplace, with only 23 per cent of respondents saying they felt "fully engaged".

Only 11 per cent of managers said they planned to leave their career and three per cent of those interviewed would stay out of loyalty to their boss.

Mr Barry estimated that "54 per cent of UK managers will 'probably' or 'definitely' leave their organisation in 2008".


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