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CEOs are getting younger


Chief executive officers are younger and more international, a new study has claimed.

Research published in People Management Online has compared the age of FTSE 100 chief executives from when the exchange was first established in 1984, to today's leaders of industry.

It found the average age of a CEO has decreased from 60-years-old to 52-years-old.

Richard Boggis-Rolfe, chief executive of Odgers, the company that conducted the study welcomed the change, he said: "This is a good indicator of how much more inclusive the UK business scene seems to be. London is unambiguously the one-world city in Europe."

The research also revealed that workers in top management jobs come from more diverse backgrounds than before.

In 1984, 30 CEOs were Oxbridge educated, today only five had studied at its colleges, although a greater number now had a degree of some sort.


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