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Homeworkers fear they 'miss out'


Homeworkers fear they may miss career opportunities created by informal chats at work, new research has revealed.

A study by the Durham Business School found that working from home generally had a positive effect on an employees work/life balance but some workers feared they would be overlooked for promotion.

"There were worries from those we surveyed about a lack of face-time in an organisation simply because their face wasn't there to be seen," said Professor Redman, the academic who led the study.

His team questioned 749 staff from managerial or professional positions in knowledge-intensive industries such as consulting, media and financial services.

He commented: "There were no significant differences between the commitment of home and office-based workers to their companies."

Although his research did find that employers still had reservations about the willingness of their homeworkers to commit to "extra duties where employees go beyond the call of duty".

Nick Dines, head of communication at the British Chambers of Commerce, said: "With advances in technology homeworking is now a realistic option for many people."


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