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Sick note culture 'will change'


Dame Carol Black, national director for health and work, is expected to outline changes to fight "sick note culture" in her report today.

It is thought to reveal that people who have drifted into a "benefits culture" are costing the UK economy more than £100 billion each year.

Health secretary Alan Johnson trialled a new approach which encourages doctors to produce well notes that let employers know what workers are fit to do.

"In fact staying in work or returning to work is often in a patient's best interests. We want to explore what else GPs can do to change our sick-note culture into a well-note culture, "he said.

Dame Black went on to recommend that GPs have improved access to physiotherapy and mental health counseling services in order to get people back to work sooner.

She is expected to announce that by having resources available at the first instance, it will be easier to get people back to work.


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