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Many private sector employees are thinking about moving to work in the public sector, Personnel Today has reported.

According to research by communications consultancy CHA, more than 40 per cent of workers aged 18 to 25 said they were contemplating making a move within the next five years.

Kristen Herde, head of employee engagement at energy company EON, told Personnel Today it was increasingly hard to provide people with a job that lets them contribute to the firm and society at the same time but said steps could be taken to improve their satisfication.

"Giving the employee control over their remit helps them to be more engaged and feel they are contributing to the business," she said.

Dilys Robinson, from the Institute for Employment Studies, added: "An employee needs to believe in their organisation, and what it stands for."

"Everyone is more anxious about the environment, but if employers can involve staff with the company and give them the autonomy to make decisions, engagement and retention rates will improve."

Large corporations have moved to integrate social responsibility initiatives into their working practices, which can help balance the effect firms have on the environment.


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