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Women's day reveals exec roles


New research to mark Women's Day has revealed worries that women are not having their leadership talents rewarded.

It found that UK business needs more women in executive roles to help it perform better, according to Sarah Churchman, head of diversity and inclusion at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

"This is a business issue, not a women’s issue. Research shows that companies with the highest proportion of women in senior teams significantly outperformed those with the lowest," she said.

It found that there is a widening gap between male and female pay despite their being an increase in women in senior management roles.

She went on to explain the importance of having women in senior business positions. "Female management and senior management appointments in the FTSE 350 are the incubators for future global business female leaders," she said.

Under UK law, employees should be paid the same irrespective of their sex or colour, provided the jobs they do are comparable


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