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Employers struggle with 'total reward'


Many employers have struggled to understand the concept of 'total reward', an industry expert has claimed.

Writing on the Employee Benefits blog, Debi O'Donovan, editorial director of the publication, explained the concept is made up of four areas.

These include pay and bonuses, work environment, pension and learning and development - "pulled together, this makes up the total reward an employee gets for working for their organisation," she explained.

She commented that some companies struggle to unite all four and conclude the idea is too complicated for them.

She also advised that some firms have confused total reward, with total reward statements (TRS).

"TRS are pretty commonly offered now, so any employer playing seriously in the recruitment or retention stakes without one is going to be handicapped," she warned.

Many employees enjoy work not just for its financial benefits, but because they make new friends and experience new environments.


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