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Firms need to plan for IT waste


Companies should make more effort to safely dispose of old IT equipment, an analyst has warned.

Gartner has revealed that the producer take-back programmes which were introduced by the European Union as part of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive have not dealt with the problem.

"Organisations need to take a more considered approach to their asset and waste management from the very beginning, and plan for equipment disposal at the time of purchase," said research vice president, Frances O'Brien.

The analyst has found that practices which place responsibility on producers are a positive move, however he said that manufacturers alone could not be held responsible.

Mr O'Brien advised: "Purchasing environmentally-preferable products that have less-negative effects on the environment as well as consuming and disposing of less equipment should be a key goal for organisations and individuals around the world."

According to Greenpeace, electronic waste is the fastest growing source of municipal waste in the world.


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