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Valentines say 'I love work'


Most employees would put their jobs before their partners, even on Valentine's Day new research has found.

According to a recent survey, 71 per cent would stay on at work to deal with an urgent enquiry and only a quarter would leave it to the following day.

Phil Loney, chief executive of Lloyds TSB Insurance said its study revealed the way we choose to spend Valentine's Day "can cast a strong light on our work and life balance".

The study found almost half of all employees would prefer to leave an hour early on February 14th than get a bonus.

"It seems that although we feel compelled to handle work enquiries, we do want to spend more time with our partners as most of us would leave an hour early, if given the option," he said.

Despite the need to get home, workers are unlikely to go into business with their loved ones - only four per cent said they would try it and four in ten chose Richard Branson as their dream work partner.


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