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Call centres lose customers


Companies using call centres and automated responses are losing customers, according to a new study.

A report commissioned by BT has found that a perceived lack of internal communication and an inconsistent multi-channel strategy is forcing customers away.

Dr Nicola Millard, BT Global Services said: "Respondents all shared a passionate frustration with business that lacked an integrated communications approach."

The research found that consumers were frustrated when dealing with a firm over only two channels.

"Expectation often didn't translate into reality," she added, "leaving customers with the perception that the company's right hand didn't know what its left was doing."

Most companies provide online documents and applications, which reduce secretarial tasks.

However, the study found that cutting costs and doing all customer contact cheaply is not always the best approach.

One common complaint of having to call customer services is the time spent waiting in a queue.


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