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Workers give more


Workers have donated more than half a million pounds using the Workplace Giving website, it has been announced.

The site has incorporated a 'donate now' function which has encouraged UK employees to make an average monthly donation of £15 per month.

The charity promotes Payroll Giving, an HM Customs and Excise scheme, which allows employees to set up 'tax effective' monthly payments to charities of their choice.

Emma Wright, sustainability manager from the Guardian, said: "We consistently have a good response to our annual promotion of Payroll Giving, with 36 per cent of our staff taking part."

The charity now works with more than 100 employers across the country including Balfour Beatty, Financial Services Authority and the London Stock Exchange.

Research by YouGov and Oxfam has found that workers in UK jobs would give more to charity, if they knew how - it revealed a third would donate an average of £9.80 per month.


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