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Offices are breeding grounds for bugs, says research


Offices are breeding grounds for bugs, says research

Offices and workplaces are the perfect place in which germs and bugs can spread, says experts in the US.

According to the Centres for Disease Control (CDC), close proximity to colleagues at work "is a significant way in which illnesses is past back and forth".

Should their ever be a global flu epidemic one way of preventing its spread would be to distance ourselves from others, says the CDC's spokesperson, Tom Skinner.

The US Daily News spoke with one professor of medicine, Dr Richard V. Lee who noted that germs that cause illnesses are very resilient "and can survive for a long time on hard surfaces like sinks".

Joe Rubino, a US microbiologist told the paper that most germs are passed on through personal contact or touching something that had previously been contaminated.

However, it is not just at work where we face the possibility of picking up germs - Catherine Roche, a cleaning expert told the Shropshire Star that UK householders need to clean more.

"It's clear that the spring cleaning bug has not bitten Britain," Ms Roche said.ADNFCR-1196-ID-19135863-ADNFCR

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