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Regus offers free offices


Regus offers free offices

Workplace provider Regus is offering free offices in a bid to help new firms.

The company has said its campaign, Get Started, will provide facilities worth £10 million to new-start businesses.

"Whilst the government has announced plans to get the unemployed and small businesses moving again, it's vital the private sector takes decisive action now to support people who want to set up their own business," said chief executive officer Mark Dixon.

The initiative is backed by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), which will run mentoring sessions in Regus' offices throughout the year.

By providing business guidance, the BCC hopes it can support the development of start-up businesses.

John Dunsmore, managing director of the organisation, said small business closures have reached 85 per day.

"Entrepreneurs and small companies are currently being squeezed on all sides - from declining consumer confidence to increasing energy and office costs as well as lack of access to credit," he explained.

Further free advice is available from the government's Business Link service.

Its guide to starting a business warns budding entrepreneurs not to underestimate the level of commitment they will need.


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