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UK firms plan to cut ad and travel budgets


UK firms plan to cut ad and travel budgets

UK firms are planning to cut their advertising and travel budgets, research has revealed.

According to a study by YouGov for Opus Energy, 37 per cent will cut advertising spend and four in ten will aim to reduce travel expenses.

Andy Nash, operations manager for the energy company, agreed some value was to be had from trimming excess spending in these areas, but said he was surprised firms had not considered reducing energy costs.

"This widely overlooked area can provide vital savings for companies and make more of an impact on their bottom line than other areas," he commented.

The YouGov investigation found only three per cent of firms polled said they would review their energy bills to achieve business savings.

Carbon Trust, the government sponsored environmental advice group says there is no need for firms to make expensive investments to save money.

It recommends firms measure how much energy they are using and turn off computers that are left idle.


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