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Boris Johnson boosts London Living Wage by 2%


Boris Johnson boosts London Living Wage by 2%

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has increased the London Living Wage by two per cent.

Now at £7.60 per hour, the rate has jumped 13.4 per cent since it was introduced by his predecessor Ken Livingston.

Unlike the National Minimum Wage, the capital's pay level is a voluntary standard, devised to help workers face the added cost of living so centrally.

It is "morally right" to pay Londoners working in the capital a premium rate, says Mr Johnson.

"During these testing times it is vital that we invest to pay Londoners a fair and decent wage," he added.

Unions have welcomed the current system, even though it differentiates between workers in the capital and those in the shires.

Brendan Barber, general secretary of the Trades Union Congress, says now is no time to be cutting back on pay awards.

"It would not be fair to make the low-paid suffer a wage freeze, while city bankers still get bonuses and when there is no economic necessity to do so," he commented.

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