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UK IT workers 'are not recycling'


UK IT workers 'are not recycling'

Workers in IT jobs are not having their electronic waste recycled, a new survey has revealed.

According to computer maker Dell European countries are more efficient at making use of redundant technology.

The firm's research found that only 50 per cent of British workers have their hardware reused, while four in five Germans manage to get rid of their unwanted PCs and associated equipment in a way that is respectful of the environment.

"The research suggests different motivations behind recycling depending on sex, age and geography," noted Jean Cox-Kearns, recycling and takeback manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

He also commented that Dell itself has a responsibility now to address the problem and "adopt a more targeted approach in communicating the free technology recycling initiatives available and why it's so important to get involved".

Several UK organisations already exist to help firms recycle their printer ink cartridges - cartridges4charity is one example where unusable office materials can help fund charitable work.

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