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Government Cut Latest Job Schemes


Recent schemes aiming to help longer term unemployed people such as ‘The Future Jobs Fund’ which aimed to create 150,000 jobs have been cut by the new coalition government along with ‘The Young Person’s Guarantee’ guaranteeing work or training places to 18-24 year olds and the ‘Two Year Jobseekers Guarantee’ which made a similar pledge to anybody unemployed for two years.

The government will also axe recruitment subsidies for firms employing those out of work for six months.

It has been insisted that these current back to work schemes will be replaced by a new Single Work Programme but details of these plans are yet to be released.

Additional cuts to regional development and business programmes such as the cancellation of a £94m Birmingham magistrates court, a £450m hospital in Hartlepool, an £80m loan to Sheffield Forgemasters and the government's £25m contribution to a new Stonehenge visitor centre will also have an impact on jobs in a range of industry sectors.

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