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New Street: New Start: New Jobs


By 2015, Birmingham has been promised the station that its passengers deserve and one that reflects its modern and forward-thinking architecture and people.

The benefits won’t just be felt by passengers but everybody in the city and the wider region as the station will be a focal point for the city.

In the long term, plans are expected to bring £2.3bm of benefits to the region and create 10,000 new jobs.

The original station was designed to cater for 60,000 people per day – but actually copes with 140,000 passengers every day!

The redeveloped station will have 3.5x more space, with many more lifts and escalators to make getting around easier. There will also be a new 24-hour pedestrian route right through the middle of the station and additional entrances making a total of eight.

The fantastic new atrium – as high as 6 double deckers – will let light flood into the station and the Pallasades shopping centre during the daytime, while lighting up the surroundings itself after dark.

This is a major project and planning has been carefully thought ahead so that the impact to passengers and journeys will be kept to a minimum.

Most of the work will happen behind the scenes until the new concourse is opened up in 2012. Inside the station only one platform will be closed at a time, so as a passenger the only differences you may notice are platform changes.


2009 Preparatory work starts

Phase 1

2010 Work starts in the station
2011 New facade starts to appear
2012 New concourse opens

Phase 2

2012 Existing concourse closed for redevelopment
2014 New facade finished
2015 Project completes

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