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More jobs created by online retailer


This comprises 900 jobs recently announced for the new Amazon distribution centre which will be the firms 7th fulfilment centre. The 700,000 square foot packing warehouse at Rugeley, Staffordshire, will begin operating in September and will be fully staffed by the end of next year. The new jobs will be a mixture of permanent and temporary roles, although the exact numbers of each are not known.

Arthur Valdez, vice-president of operations at, said: "The centre at Rugeley will play an important role in fulfilling orders for customers in the UK, Europe and all over the world."

The Rugeley operation is the second new fulfillment centre the US-based retailer has announced this year. In January Amazon revealed plans to open a 1m square foot centre in Dunfermline before the end of 2011, which will create 750 new permanent jobs and 1,500 temporary jobs during peak times.

The retailer's existing packing warehouse in Glenrothes, Scotland, will be amalgamated into the Dunfermline operation and its workers will be invited to move across.

An Amazon spokesman said it has been investing in capacity to meet growing demand for its Kindle e-readers and accommodate its move into new product ranges.

It is also poised to open a new customer service centre in Edinburgh next month, offering technical support to people who have bought its Kindle. The Scottish operation will create 500 permanent and 400 temporary positions.

Amazon's customer service centre will open in August, just a few months before the order distribution site opens in Dunfermline, Fife.

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